Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Jenni and I are now officially unemployed! The final week at work was a busy one for the both of us, tying up loose ends and handing over work.

The leaving lunch at the Moon and Sixpence started off as a bit of a debarcle due to the establishment misplacing my booking, but they managed to pull through and accomodate about 25 of us.

Both of us were treated to very kind words from our respective managers and directors at goodbye speeches and were wished well by many people. Once again, Jenni and I woud like to extend our thanks to all of the people we worked with over the past few years at Rio and Proteus . You will be sorely missed!

We took a couple of snapshots of our goodbye cards. Cheers to everyone that contributed, the kind words mean a lot to the both of us.

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