Monday, March 1, 2010

Jenni and Michael's CrAzZzzzZy Sale!!! - Part 1

Part of our grand plan has been to cut down on the amount of stuff that we want to put in long term storage while we are away. Rather than just chucking out all of our unwanted possessions, we figured we might as well try and make a dollar or two by holding a good old garage sale.

Over the past week I have utilized what little artistic merit has been bestowed upon me to knock up a dodgy flyer and have spent a couple of evenings, walking around the suburb of Maylands and stuffing them into people's letter boxes. I had a bit of success selling my TV on Gumtree, so I also posted an ad there too.

The last couple of nights of the week were spent gathering all of the items that we were looking to sell in the main room, right next to the back door, ready to be shifted out early Saturday morning, before people would arrive. (You can see some photos of the 'stock room' on the Flickr page)

Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out how much (or little) we managed to sell!

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