Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Two - Gadgets Galore

After an awesome sleep, we were pleased to discover that Michael's plan had worked and we had a lovely cheap breaky of cereal and OJ (and then realising that there is a shared fridge downstairs!) before heading off to Akihabara. After first attempting to buy a train ticket using the bike rack ticket machine, we finally figured it out and arrived at Akihabara - the electronics district.

Most of the time we spent in the 8 stories tall department store which specialised in electronics but also seemed to have everything from cosmetics to golf clubs. I got a lovely Japanese style watch with a mother of pearl face and Michael got some electronic stuff. After lunch we went off to see the rest of the district. We wanted to see a maid cafe, but when we found one, the entrance was off this dodgy alleyway and it kind of put us off the idea, so we had to make do with Starbucks instead. It is coming up to cherry blossom season (Sakura) soon - there are fake cherry blossoms all over the place. Even Starbucks had some special Sakura additions to the menu. I tried the Sakura Frappacino and a Sakura steamed bun - they were delicious. 

After that we headed back to 'A-sock-sa' and checked out the temple area. It was  a beautiful place to have a wander around. The temples weren't open, so we might go back tomorrow. There was also a nearby kiddy park which had an awesome slide which I decided to have a go on. Unfortunately, I forgot that I'm actually not 5 years old anymore. The slide was a weeee bit small for me and I ended up scraping the skin off the side of one of my thumbs. But all better after some Betadine (ouch!) and a bandaid from Nurse McGonigle.

After some cheap Bento and watching Hot Fuzz we are ready to crash again - Konban-wa!


  1. Michael,
    Nice blogs, hope you are both enjoying the trip.
    Really need to apologize for standing you up on the Friday before you left.
    I am a prick, there is not much else to say.
    I did have personal reasons though.
    Have a great time, I will look on with envy from my little cubicle in Perth office.
    Cheers Spike

  2. Don't worry about it Spike. Just make sure that you give Matty Tuffin a hard time for me while I am away and I will forgive you :)