Friday, March 12, 2010


The day after the garage sale saw Jenni and I moving out of our place in Maylands and into my parents place. This would serve as our temporary home while we would tie up all of our loose ends and make sure that Miss Sassy Pants would be settled into what would be her new home for the duration of our time spent overseas.

Like the previous morning of the garage sale, the day started early as Stewart and Jenni's Mum rocked up around 8:30am to help us move. Stewart and I picked up the removal truck around 9am. Stewart was handed the keys so he could utilize his vehicular prowess to be the driver for the day. Shortly after Stewart and I got back, my parents and my brother rocked up to lend us a hand. The rest of the morning involved getting the truck loaded up with all of our worldly possessions. The stuff we managed to sell at the garage sell on the previous day considerably cut down the amount of things that we needed to move.

By noon, pretty much all of our gear was in the truck and Stewart and my dad set off to drop it off at my parents house. In the meantime, Jenni and I gathered up the last few bits and bobs, grabbed Miss Sassy Pants by the scruff of the neck and put her in the car to take her to her new home.

The drive from Maylands to my parents place with Miss Sassy Pants in the car was... eventful. She cried the whole time and was absolutely petrified going through the Graham Farmer Tunnel. The poor thing started making horrible howling and screeching noises because she was so scared. Once out of the tunnel, she calmed down a little bit, but still cried the rest of the journey.

We had Chicken Treat for lunch, but was informed at the drive through that they had run out of chickens..... seriously.... what the hell Chicken Treat!?! Run out of chickens!?! Chicken is in your bloody name! How can you run out of something that is in your name! Anyway, we had to all settle for chicken rolls (we are rather suspicious of these because if they claim they have run out of chicken, then what the hell is in their chicken rolls.....)

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent unpacking, delivering a BBQ to Chiddo who bought it off us at the garage sale, getting denied entry to Niche bar because I was wearing sneakers, attending Chiddo's surprise birthday party and trying to get Miss Sassy Pants to come out from under the couch in the family room to be a bit more sociable.

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