Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jenni and Michael's CrAzZzzzZy Sale!!! - Part 2

The morning of the garage sale found us frantically trying to move most of our wordly possessions into the backyard before the first of the scavengers arrived. Michael had not even put out the signs before the first guy rocked up - 45mins before opening time... He was about to walk away with a colour printer, an old iPod and a portable radio for $23, and still tried to swindle us out of $2! Either that or his mental maths was even worse than mine - but even I know that $15 + $8 is not $21!

There were some other interesting sales, like the other Jen who bought all the pots and pans, the Kiwi lady who was very chuffed with her 'new' red bike for $10 (the tyres were flat so I threw in the bike pump for free) and the group of young guys who bought pretty much everything else from the kithen as well as my green wastepaper basket that included chewing gum stuck to the bottom. We (by we I mean Michael and his Dad), also conducted a home delivery service, with a bookshelf and chest of drawers being carried down the road to 2 different houses in the 40 degree heat.

Anyway- a combination of Michael's ingenious signs, flyer drops and gumtree resulted in a steady stream of customers right up until closing time. If it wasn't for Michael's parents giving us a hand we would have been seriously under-staffed.

We managed to sell nearly everything ($500 Kaching!), and what was left over fitted nicely into a trailer which we then took to Good Sammys on Monday.

That was after the big move on Sunday of course, but that is for the next instalment...

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