Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Miss Sassy Pants - Not Quite the Adorable Loving Kitty We Thought She Was

One of the main reasons Jenni and I moved into my parents house for the 2 weeks prior to leaving Perth was to get Miss Sassy Pants acquainted with what will be her new home and family members for the duration of our travels. For the first couple of days she was very anti-social; hiding under the couch in the family room and hissing and spitting at various members of my family, especially my mum. Over the next week she started wandering around the house a bit more (although retaining her main base of operations as the family room) and being a bit more sociable with everyone (although I am told she is only being sociable on occasions where Jenni and I are around).

As time has progressed she has come out of shell a bit more, getting back to her chirpy old self.

By the end of the 2 weeks she is mostly back to her old self, although she is still a little bit jumpy. This probably has mostly to do with households existing feline, Hamish. Hamish is a few years older than Miss Sassy Pants and is used to having the run of the household, so it has been a bit of a shock to him having another of his kitty brethren moving in. After a week or so, he seems to be rather indifferent to Miss Sassy Pants, but she HATES him with a passion. When they have an encounter, Miss Sassy Pants turns into a cat that has been spawned by the devil and hisses, spits and makes horrible high pitched screeching noises at Hamish. It is no wonder than on multiple occasions he has turned tail and ran away to his mum because he wants to get away from what he is thinking is 'that crazy bitch'.

As time has progressed Miss Sassy Pants seems to be a little bit more tolerant of Hamish, so hopefully they will get along eventually.

Even though Jenni and I have been recently exposed to this evil side of our kitty cat, we will miss her with all our hearts because she is our little kitty that we adore so much and it breaks our heart to leave her because we know that she will miss us just as much as we will miss her.

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